The process

At Sue Sandalon Jewelry Designs the options and opportunities are endless.  We work in all precious metals including silver, platinum and gold 18k, 14k, 10k, white, yellow, green and rose. 


Our cases are filled with many one of kind pieces to go home with you immediately or you can take advantage of our custom design division.  We are experts in handmade jewelry as well as we create jewelry using state of the art cad/cam computers with the actual 3D printing of waxes; and we have a full line of production jewelry to choose from.  So whatever you want in the jewelry business we are the jewelers for you. 


Sue Sandalon Jewelry Designs encourages you to trade or rework your unwanted gold, gems and diamonds.  Let us listen to your needs and help you turn the jewelry that just sits in your safe or your home into jewelry that you will wear and enjoy.  In other words, let us help you create that special piece that will make your heart sing.


Come by and browse the cases or contact us either by email or phone call to set up an appointment for your custom design needs.


5299 Roswell Road #104, Atlanta, GA 30342   |   Tel: +1 404-784-2565 | Fax: +1 404-705-1940

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